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Brian Oftedal


Create branding guide, ongoing social media outreach & website




  • Establish a cohesive branding guide including 2-5 selected colors, 1-3 fonts, and hero images to tie it together. This can create a recognizable singular look to help inform marketing assets such as social media posts, logo, website, print materials, and more. 

  • Pricing for branding starts around $750-1250, depending on hours needed. 

Social Media

  • 1-3 engaging weekly posts based on an agreed content calendar. 

  • Drafting post including a caption, image, hashtags including approvals and feedback. 

  • Publishing posts in advance, active post engagement and analytics reported quarterly to inform future strategies. 

  • Set up service for social media accounts starts at $500. This includes connecting your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts to our publishing software, creating a weekly themed schedule for posts. 

  • (note some of this is set up from prior work) 

  • Ongoing pricing for 1-3 posts starts at $450 per month depending on number of posts, amount of account engagment and time needed.  



  • Logo pricing starts at $500. This would include a high resolution vector icon image incorporating branding fonts, colors and imagery. 


  • Developing an engaging Home page with imagery, colors and branding from approved branding assets. 

  • Create a custom contact lightbox to help engage and develop a database of supporters

  • Develop an 'About' page with a headshot and bio - links to social media pages and any other relevant volunteer organizations. 

  • Pricing for the above basic page starts at $2,500. 

  • Additional website phases could include: 

  • Blog/Newsroom for Press Releases

  • Setting up email marketing connected to the blog to keep in contact with your database via email. 

  • Setting up social media posts connected to the blog to keep your social media followers updated. 

  • Second phase would start at $1,500+ depending on which items you'd like to add & time needed for projects. 


Communications Strategy: (detailed notes developed aligning a plan based on announcement timeline) 

  • Link Tree

  • Create a landing page with quick links and include links to donate and follow on social media. (1-2 weeks build time)

  • Website (6-8 weeks build time)

  • Home page, About Brian, Donation, Newsroom/Press Release, Contact

  • Basic branding and logos - this design would carry through the entire campaign for the website, social media, email marketing and print signage.

  • Photography and Videography

  • Recommend finding a local photographer for headshots, professional and lifestyle images. Great if taken downtown, or community recognizable locations.

  • Email/Text Communication

  • Recommend deploying a strategy for email and text outreach. I can integrate this into the website using mail chimp or another program if preferred. Also can coach a member of the campaign team to help with some of this.

  • Print Marketing

  • Develop design for yard signs, business cards, etc if applicable.

Print Marketing

  • Business Cards

  • Print Marketing - postcards, flyers, etc

  • Signs, banners, t-shirts & more 


Pricing listed above. 

Quoted pricing expires on June 15, 2024. 


June 3, 2024


Ongoing - branding can start right away.
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Thank you for considering Moonlighting Technology for your business.
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