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Kennedy King


Support all marketing strategies as guided by KT Marketing Consulting and Kennedy King Board of Directors.



Strategy ideas -

  • Create marketing goals for the year - visibility year over year, number of followers to increase, specific goals for the organization, email open rate, number of contacts.

  • Create a marketing calendar- include digital- annual doc, newsletter, email outreach, event invitations, and social media posts. Also include print- signage, invitations, mailers, event signage/QR code for donation at the event. 

  • Create a cadence/themes for outreach.

  • Organize the contact database and sync between any systems. i.e. sync contacts/inquiries from the website directly into the email marketing tool. Create categories for contacts- donors, donor prospects, business sponsors, sponsor prospects, prior scholarship recipients.

  • Connect with schools to help increase applicants. Consider school events, sports, or other for outreach.

  • Create press release documents and send consistently to local news stations.

Website -

Easy updates: 

  • Donate page - form to fill out to mail a check is currently unavailable.

  • Donate stock - form attached is currently unavailable.


  • Consider adding links to the Donor page if applicable, and location for each. Will help with SEO.

  • Add buttons to footer menu, contact button, Apply for scholarship button, any other relevant links. 

  • Add logo to header & footer

  • Adjust the alignment on the banner image on the home page. Kennedy King text gets cut off depending on the size of the viewer's screen. 

  • Consider combining about us and what we do into one page

  • Newsletter page - consider adding "sign up to receive our newsletter" to help newsletter visibility and to increase number of contacts. 

  • Consider combining Annual Report & Financials into one page. 

  • Board of Directors: Consider moving the group photo to the top, then follow with the individual roles. 

  • Impact: consider putting some of this info on the home page

  • Give Now: consider adding buttons to donate now in the header and footer for easier access. 

  • Consider adding visual buttons for how to give in various ways to the Give Now page (mail a check, special giving, matching gifts, etc.)

  • Donors: consider adding a thank you message

Social media ideas - 

  • Donor appreciation

  • Scholarship Highlight

  • Apply now for the Kennedy King Memorial Scholarship

  • Where are they now / Student success stories

  • Testimonials

  • Donate now

  • Impact / How your donation helps

  • Volunteer spotlight

  • Flashback Friday (history)

  • Event announcements (whether in person or a virtual event like a donation drive)




Following pricing and budget as agreed upon by KT Marketing Consulting and Kennedy King.  


August 1, 2024


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Thank you for considering Moonlighting Technology for your business.
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