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Rundles & Associates


Create an easy to edit website highlighting the Rundles & Associates strong experience in nonprofit and corporate events. Align branding colors, fonts, and logos to ensure modern look/feel with new website design.



Website Development


Website Phase I:

  • Create a new website on the Wix platform - migrating content from existing site to the new using above approved branding.

  • Phase I to include these pages:

Home Page -

  • Header footer menus including links to these pages:

  • Home, Services, About, Events, Gallery, Contact

  • Footer to include links matching the header, plus clickable phone number and address/location.

  • Client Logos - Ribbon scrolling effect - Links to gallery/events page.

  • Testimonials & Stats - integrate animated statistics (similar to example on this page)

  • High resolution imagery with animation to modernize the website look and feel.

  • Include Mission, Services and some images of current events, most recent blog posts, and any other important aspects to showcase what sets Rundles & Associates apart from the competition, section highlighting clients and or testimonials using their logos, counter stats at the bottom like inspiration website sent.

About Page -

  • Content, Community & Connection

  • Values & Mission Statement & Accolades;

  • Staff with headshots & bios

Services & Partners Page -

  • Services: virtual & live stream events, in-person event management, event consulting, day of event logistics, post even evaluation;

  • Currently - discovering if ‘Partners’ should be added or integrate their functionality into services offered. Current Partners listed, could be more added - fLO, Verducci, Greater Giving,

Blog Page - set up an easy to use and update blog system.

  • The Blog page will add the current blog posts from the prior site, plus an easy to update system on the back end to add more content later.


  • Phase I includes publishing the site to existing domain/URL.

  • Also includes setting up 1-2 employees with login to edit the site and a personalized tutorial.

  • Estimated Cost: $2500-$4250 for the above depending on hours needed.

  • Estimate does not include cost for domains or hosting.


Website Phase II:

  • Additional Pages added:

Gallery/Events Page

  • Design a new landing page for events using images from prior events.

  • Add in past events in an easy to upload system.

  • To include an image, event name, date, and a short blurb about the event.

  • Include logos and clients - either within this design or as a separate section.

  • Estimated cost: $1250-$1750 for phase II, depending on scope of work and hours needed.

Website Ongoing Support:

  • $500 per quarter to manage the site including minor additions and software updates.


Pricing listed inline above


April 9, 2024


Ongoing - website development can start right away once basic contract and deposit are received.
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