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The Kehrig Real Estate Team


Modernize existing website & develop marketing plan for long term growth and appealing to younger buyers/sellers




Website Updates & Modernization

Leveraging your content on multiple platforms


Updated Requests: 


  • Update color palette using existing blues and add in a contrasting color for accents and calls to action throughout. 

  • Align on fonts - leverage some fonts from Coldwell Banker branding guide plus add in 1-2 modern variations for Kehrig to differentiate. 

  • Pricing for above branding is estimated at $750-$1500 depending on hours needed and number of edits. 


  • Create logo variation integrating new color palette - starting at $500 depending on scope of work/number of variations. 

Print Marketing: 

  • Updated General Mailer template - use the approved branding colors, logo and fonts to update the look and feel of the mailer. 

  • For a two-sided mailer design, the cost is $250-500 depending on edits and hours required. 

  • Updated Seller Book - use the existing seller book and apply updated approved branding. 

  • For up to 51 pages, cost is $750-1250 depending on edits and hours needed. 

  • In addition to design, will recommend some updated content including updated sales (currently says 'over $600 million in sales since 2020'), additional talking points to team bios if applicable, updated marketing training certification or other certifications (page 8), add links/QRs wherever applicable (social media for example), update with new testimonials, update logos on the community involvment from 2023, additional call to action - join our mailing list and link to Mailchimp? We can align on a good call to action strategy based on your business goals & milestones you want to achieve in 2024. 

Original Menu: 


  • Establish engaging & consistent branding and display on website plus all other landing pages (zillow, yelp, facebook, instagram,, etc)

  • Branding to include color palette (use existing navy and lighter blue and add in a contrasting color for accents/calls to action) 

  • Branding - $750-1500 depending on scope of work. This would include color palettes with 3-5 colors, 1-3 fonts, inspiration imagery and thoughtful brand recognition components.  

  • Develop the Kehrig logo in multiple colors/options. Recommend a multicolor using branding guidelines. 

  • Logo - updating logo starting at $500 depending on preferences and number of designs created. 

Website recommendations: 

Seller/Buyer pages - 

  • Develop the design to make it clear how to move from one step to the next on these pages. Consider creating an infographic for these steps with information that is relevant in all market conditions. 

  • Use this content on social media/print marketing and in your seller/buyer presentations. Consider embedding some of Joe's videos in here from the youtube page. This will improve SEO and keep engagement/increase clicks/time on the website. 

Listings - 

  • Consider adding more listings from all agents. This will help with SEO and showcase the breadth of experience coming from the Kehrig Team. 

  • For each listing, embed the dropbox video at the top of the page to replace the text URL to the dropbox link. (These videos are STUNNING and I'd recommend to leverage them as much as possible) 

  • Consider adding this to your youtube channel rather than dropbox. Your channel has great content and will encourage viewers to watch more and help with SEO on the website. 

  • To learn more about a property, create a lightbox to capture the lead. (this is a digital sign in like an open house) these leads can get a follow up or just simply be added to the general email campaign.  

  • Consider adding in schools zoned to each listing including elementary, middle, high school and any private schools nearby. This will help with SEO and an important factor for Danville/San Ramon buyers. 


  • Highlight your school sponsorships, givebacks for schools in the area. 

  • For givebacks and volunteering, create blog posts for all of those on the main blog.

Contact - 

  • Develop your calls to action and ensure they are linked to capturing leads. (recommend text) consider adding an optional drop down to indicate why they are contacting - 'interested in getting a home valuation' or 'interested in learning more about homes to purchase in the bay area.' 

About -

  • Introduce and showcase ALL team members 

  • Move the logo to the bottom left or right of the banner image. 

Header/Footer - 

  • Recommend to simplify the footer to make the information scannable. Make your address clickable so that users can click on your address and it brings up their maps. Add a clickable phone number to call in the footer and consider a text/chat option. 

  • For Header, recommend to add logo so that you can click back to the home page. 


Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Print Marketing

Database management - strong experience in real estate databases using multiple platforms - simplifying and making sure leads are not getting lost. 

Blueprint 2 Success branding - modernize logo & differentiate from The Kehrig Team palette. Make these work together. 

Integrate Joe's Blueprint 2 Success - it should be separate since this is a different audience, but it could be successful being present on the main website. It could assist in recruiting agents and SEO. 

Pricing for Blueprint 2 Success available upon request. 


To complete website edits on an existing Wordpress site - estimated $1750-$2500 depending on time needed and amount of edits. Charge at $150 hourly rate. 

Instead of completing the changes, I'm available to coach existing team members on recommendations above by walking through each site live and talking through strategies. 

Coaching hourly rate $250 depending on topics & timing. 

**Quote does not include hosting or domain fees. 


January 31, 2024


Ongoing - to be determined; Branding and logo work can begin right away.
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Thank you for considering Moonlighting Technology for your business.
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